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Monday, 14 October 2013

Avery Mix

Daniel Avery- his fine new album Drone Logic is out now and was mentioned here last Thursday- was the guest for BBC Radio 6's 6 Mix on Friday night. You can listen to it on the iPlayer (and probably find a d/l of it if you have a scoot around the internet). It's an electronic delight including The Horrors, Death In Vegas, My Bloody Valentine and a whole load of good people who, let's be honest, we've never heard of. A good mix of things- a bit like Picasso's twinning of striped t-shirt with checked trousers.

If you've not been before Friday night regular George has started a blog- Jim McLean's Rabbit. It is a splendid mish-mash of music related stuff, including records he no longer owns and other musings. You should give it a go. Tell him I sent you.


drew said...

At the Independent labels stall on Saturday I was discussing the merits of the Avery album with a couple of the guys from Phantasy who also said that Jon Hopkins was a "one trick pony" when I said that I wasn't sure which album was better, Hopkins or Avery and to back up the fact that they thought Avery was the man gave me a copy of his Divided Love Two mixtape which is very, very good.

George said...

This 50 year-old has never heard of him. Will do so today in my enforced absence from work. Thanks for the plug. I have no shame!!!

Echorich said...

Drew - Hopkins is definitely a more difficult listen for these ears. And there is something about his most recent album that I feel like I've heard before.
I reall like Drone Logic - and while it too mines electronic mountains I've climbed up and down before, the tracks are engaging. Free Floating could go on for 20 minutes and I would want more.