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Sunday 23 June 2024

Forty Minutes Of Music From Reviews At Ban Ban Ton Ton

I've been writing guest reviews for Dr. Rob's Ban Ban Ton Ton website for a few years now, Rob operating out of a remote location in rural Japan (having emigrated there from London) and me in south Manchester. Rob gets sent all sorts of music- Balearic, electronic, cosmische, ambient, jazz, dub, reggae and all points in between- and he passes some of it on to me to listen to and write about. He's keen that Ban Ban Ton Ton has different voices and I'm happy to receive the music and write about it. I currently have a few things lined up to do not least a review of Contours who me and Martin supported at Soup last night along with the headliners Marconi Union. Full reviews to follow both here at Bagging Area and at Ban Ban Ton Ton. One of the wonders of the internet age is the shrinking of distances and the ease of distribution of music. 

In 2024 I've already reviewed seven releases at Ban Ban Ton Ton. I've pulled tracks from each of those seven albums/ EPs into one mix below that works both as a sampler and as a forty minute mix in itself, starting out quite chilled with some dub/ post- punk from the early 80s, heading into ambient territory, then becoming more rhythm heavy with some cosmische and some early 90s Italo cosmic disco. 

Forty Minutes Of Music From Reviews At Ban Ban Ton Ton 

  • Khartomb: Swahili Lullaby
  • Project Gemini: Colours & Light
  • Sedibus: SETI Part 3
  • Caolifhionn Rose: Constellation
  • Kosmischer Läufer: Spargelspiegel
  • Sordid Sound System: It's About Time
  • a.s.o.:Go On (Extended Remix)
  • Meo And Steve: Global Village (Funk Version)

Khartomb were an early 80s post- punk/ dub/ bossa nova outfit with one 7" single and a Peel Session to their name. The single- Swahili Lullaby- has been picked up by Jason Boardman's Manchester based label Before I Die and re- issued along with two new remixes. My review was at Ban ban Ton Ton last week and you can read it here. Before I Die is fast becoming essential, every release testament to Jason's ability to find new music. Earlier this year he put out the excellent Dubtapes Vol. 1 by KlangKollektor and last year's Konformer was a superb album too. 

Project Gemini is the freak beat/ funk/ soul/ 60s/ cinematic outfit for Paul Osborne. His new album Colours & Light is packed full of guests and is a trip through the night, a kaleidoscopic night out with a  '60s flavour, Turkish and Arabic influences and some French vibes. My review is here

I've written about Sedibus here and at Ban Ban Ton Ton. The latest Sedibus album, SETI, is one of this year's records that has stuck around my turntable, The Orb's Alex Paterson and Andy Falconer in fine form. My Ban Ban Ton Ton review is here accompanied by Rob's own thoughts on the album. 

Caolifhionn Rose is a Manchester based artists and her album Constellation is out now on Manchester label Gondwana.  Previously Caolifhionn (pronouced Kallin) has sung with The Durutti Column. Her musical background is in jazz and folk. The album is a wonderous thing- piano, jazz and folk shades, ambient and classical, samples, saxophone and a lighter than air feel, a response to 2020's lockdowns and the power of nature. Read my review here

Fred Und Luna's The Future Sounds Of Kraut Vol 2 is a seventeen track compilation of music inspired by the West German bands of the 1970s. I've included two of my favourites here, Kosmischer Läufer and Sordid Sound System. My review at Ban Ban Ton Ton is here

a.s.o. are based in Berlin and make downtempo, hip hop influenced dance music. They released a remixes EP this year which I wrote about here

Meo and Steve's GLobal Village was one of six slices of Italian cosmic disco/ Afro/ funk/ house from the 1990s, originally out on Riccione's Tribal Italia label and now re- issued on Dualismo Sound. Read more here


Ernie Goggins said...

Was sufficiently inspired by this to buy 'Swahili Lullaby' on Bandcamp. Took a little while as it turns out they spell their name Khartomb, but worth the effort.

Ernie Goggins said...

Ignore that, just noticed it is only the first reference that you spelt in the Sudanese way. I need to start reading more carefully

Swiss Adam said...

Sorry Ernie, inconsistent spelling now corrected.

Ernie Goggins said...

It was well worth the effort, I nabbed a couple of their other tracks while I was there. Thanks for the tip-off.