Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Sunday 7 July 2024

An Hour At Tak Tent

Tak Tent Radio is a Scottish based internet radio station that broadcasts all manner of interesting, experimental, leftfield and niche shows by a variety of guests. I've contributed guests mixes for a few years now and last weekend the latest Bagging Area Tak Tent emission went out, my eleventh. You can listen to it at the Tak Tent website here or at Mixcloud here. It's a chilled out dubby/ ambient/ Balearic affair, mostly music released this year but with a vintage Andrew Weatherall and David Harrow track thrown in, their sole recording as Planet 4 Folk Quartet (for Warchild in 1995). 

  • M- Paths: Emerge
  • Planet 4 Folk Quartet: Message To Crommie
  • Richard Norris: Pagan Dub
  • Sewell & The Gong: Passing Oort Clouds (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix)
  • Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s: Minus Shadows
  • Psychederek: Hapi
  • Spatial Awareness: Dream Food (SA Dub)
  • Timothy J. Fairplay: Centurion Version
  • Coyote: Every Forest Has A Shadow (Vanity Project Remix)
  • KlangKollektor: Midnight Express
  • Florecer: Hidden Thoughts


Khayem said...

Great stuff, Adam

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Khayem