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Friday 24 May 2024

Hidden Thoughts

Florecer are a Californian duo, Allie Schulz and Alex Pasternak, who both surf and have a small homemade studio overlooking the Pacific where they make music to go with their lifestyle of surfing, trips down the coast to Mexico, yoga and meditation. It sounds idyllic- I've never done yoga but I know people who swear by it. They've just released a 12" single on Is It Balearic?, the Notts label run by the Coyote pair of Timm and Ampo. The single is led by the track Hidden Thoughts which wafts in gently, lightly coloured washes of synth, a pitter patter drum machine and then an ethereal vocal courtesy of Allie. A surf guitar line appears, a woodblock taps away at the back of the mix, a one note topline comes and goes, there is acres of space and echo and the shimmering feeling of warm drift...

There are three remixes, one each from Hitchhiker, Das Komplex and Ken Fan. The Hitchhiker remix is a little more uptempo, more pushy and with more bounce but still pretty laid back. Ken Fan strips it down, changes the feel and adds a totally new drum track, giving it a live/ jazz club feel. The Das Komplex remix is the one that has me at the moment, nine minutes and nine seconds of deconstructed electronic sound, a cinematic sound with an acidic undertow and a sun- soaked, cosmische vibe, Allie's vocal reduced to the line, 'lay your hands on me', the last syllable reverbed and looped into infinity. Hidden Thoughts is available digitally and on vinyl. Find it here

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