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Monday 6 May 2024

Monday's Long Song

Pye Corner Audio added another track to his hefty back catalogue of analogue dystopic acid last week with a Bandcamp release titled Walk In The Forest. Seven and a half minutes of burbling, radiophonic machine music, with an intermittent rattly drum machine that sounds like drawing pins being shaken in a biscuit tin and eventually uncharacteristically euphoric, rising synth chords. There's a lovely long fade out to the end too. Available at Bandcamp for free/ pay what you want. 

Today is May Day, the bank holiday that celebrates worker's rights and always seems to promise the start of summer. Last year Pye Corner released a track to mark this, the six minutes and fifty three seconds long, deeply dark/ darkly deep trip of Mayday Acid that would give any Maypole dancing ceremonies a very different edge. 

Mayday Acid

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