Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Sunday 24 November 2019


Two random and unconnected pieces of Twentieth century pop culture for Sunday. The picture is a photograph/mixed media collage by Man Ray from 1941 titled Les Filles des Noix (Nut Girls). Forty five years later came the song below- Carino by T-Coy- a delicious marriage of Mancunian house and Latin music, created by the magic hands and imaginations of Mike Pickering, Richie Close and Simon Topping. It still sounds as fresh as you like. Carino, which has the honour of being the first UK house release and existed as early as 1985 before being released on Pickering's fledgling Deconstruction label in 1987.



Michael Doherty said...

I didn't realise it was recorded in 85. A timeless piece of music.

drew said...


Echorich said...

TUNE! Carino carries a lot of weight with me. I have heard it in clubs in NYC and Chicago back when if first came out and again at Clubs like Giant Steps and Underground Network years later in NYC as well. TUNE! CLASSIC TUNE!