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Sunday 17 November 2019

Dead And Gone

Toy, Brighton based psych indie-rock five- piece, have a new album out soon, a selection of cover versions including their take on the Pet Shops Boys own cover of Always On My Mind. Their 2015 album with Natasha Khan as Sexwitch was one of that year's highlights, six psyche and folk songs from the Middle East via Sussex. Back in 2012 they released their eponymous debut, an album which had one track that stood head and shoulders above the rest- Dead And Gone, a seven minute sweep of euphoric guitars, softly sung vox and motorik drums. The build up in the fourth minute, breakdown and then guitar re-entry at 5.25 is heart-stopping.

Dead And Gone

It was remixed by Andrew Weatherall. He uses that hissy, steam powered drum machine he's so fond of and strips it all back, bass and wonky, whooshing noises, drones and synths from West Germany of the early 1970s, to make something utterly hypnotic and captivating.

Dead And Gone (Andrew Weatherall remix)


Walter said...

Good to hear these outstanding songs again Adam. Probably I will feature Toy next week when I listened to the whole new record.

drew said...

Still haven’t gotten round to listening to the album released earlier this year. I keep picking it out but it has yet to get as far as the turntable.

C said...

I enjoyed that, thanks, especially that - would you call it a drop here? - at 5.25 that you mention.

Swiss Adam said...

Yes, I think we can call it a drop.

ramesh said...

nice article