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Tuesday 14 March 2023


My collaboration with Spencer took a week off last week- not Spencer's fault, he sent me the track almost immediately after I posted Kerrier District's Disco Nasty nearly two weeks ago. I got a bit sidetracked by things last week and the blog followed suit. Jesse said last week's posts were a wave I was surfing, especially the run from Tuesday to Friday with the pair of posts about Isaac and grief, Fontaines DC, Nicks Drake and Cave, and then the pigs and D: Ream post on Friday. Looking back at last week's posts this description of them as a wave rings true although I'm not sure if I was riding the wave or being pulled by it. Today, we're going back to Spencer's songs and a follow up to the Kerrier District track, with some more from Luke Vibert.


Doozit kicks off with a snatch of banjo and a voice saying, 'let us do unto others... before they do's it to you there'. The drums come in, and then another drum track joins, giving it a skittish feel. The bassline and synth chords lift it. There are more layers of analog sounds, a bit of dub echo, another voice, then another, 'alright! Do you like that?' and some phat rave hoover bass. It feels live, like a cut and paste hip hop DJ playing several records at once while the soundman adds some dub FX. Infectious fun. 

Doozit is from 2015 and an album called Bizarster. One of the things about Luke Vibert (and fellow Cornish techno producer Aphex Twin) is the sense that he can produce music in his sleep, a torrent of tracks filling hard drives. It feels like he can set up a skittering, catchy drum track, lay a synth melody or computer game soundtrack on top, find something to mess it up slightly and drop a vocal sample in, taken from 70s TV or a library album, before he's finished his first hot drink of the day. The tracks sound effortless and unforced, a natural flow that just happens. 

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