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Thursday 30 March 2023

Thrill Me

The recent Unloved album, Polychrome is a succinct addition to last year's The Pink Album, the murky, moody girl group/ Wrecking Crew/ Serge Gainsbourg noir sound bent a little further out of shape. From the jerky and disorientating 60s pop of I Did It to the slow motion melancholia/ drama of Thank You For Being A Friend, You Know, The One You Never Want To Say Goodbye To it's an album I've been back to often. A remix EP has been released with new versions that take the songs further and deeper. Justin Robertson's rocking dub version of Thrill Me (Towers Of Wonder Remix) is a delight, thumping echo- laden drums, spaced out FX and a bassline conjured up straight from King Tubby's stockpile of bass. Jade's voice competes with the sounds reverberating around the mixing desk. 

Manfredas takes I Did It and warps it into a very long and strange trip indeed, a six minute first half with percussion, drums, stuttering sounds and chopped up vocals, then a pause and an equally distorted, psychedelic second half with organ, whirring noises and echoes of vocals. 

In complete contrast to both Justin and Manfreda's remixes, London duo Raw Silk refit the album's title track Polychrome as sleek sci fi acid techno. 


C said...

Wow, some wild sounds there, enough to make me a little dizzy today! The Raw Silk remix hits the spot most for me, though. Stunning photo too.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks C, its the CIS tower, 60s modernism, captured on my way to a gig last Friday evening. Something about the sky and the space around the tower caught my eye.

Khayem said...

I've really enjoyed the Polychrome (mini)album and these remixes are all fantastic. After a couple of weeks of diving into some Justin Robertson remix classics, always good to be reminded that he's still smashing it out of the park with his work in the present day. Love the Manfredas and Raw Silk remixes too.