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Monday 6 March 2023

Monday's Long Song

The first signs of spring are in the offing- daffodils showing their yellow heads and blossom tentatively appearing on trees. It's forecast to be a return to winter this week with snow and ice. I'm done with winter now, I need some warmth and some sunshine. 

I've posted two shoegaze/ ambient techno remixes recently, the Future Sound Of London remix of Curve last Monday and the Reload remix of Slowdive two weeks before that. Here's a third, Spooky's 1994 of Undertow by Lush. By 1994 Lush had moved on from the shimmering, FX drenched early sound to something more radio friendly. Their Hypocrite single came with this remix, a nine minute version of a song from their album Split. Lots of chopped up guitar chords, the sound of the FX pedals as much as the guitars themselves, feedback, ambient noise, a lovely looped bass part with a fragment of vocal floating on top, all underpinned by a crunchy drumbeat. 

Undertow (Spooky Remix)


C said...

Oh I love this, such a great remix. With you re. this winter weather, it's really dragging on now. Every glimpse of yellow is a bonus at the moment!

JC said...

Final para is a great review of the song.

And yes, snow is forecast for round these parts in the next 12-18 hours. Euurgh.