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Friday 22 September 2023

Fluffy Inside

I have to say, I expected more from utopia. It always seemed like it would be better than this. 

I missed this album when it came out in July and haven't caught up with it until recently but it's yet another hit from the run of great releases from Exeter's Mighty Force label this year- KAMS, M- Paths, David Harrow and AP Organism have all lit up 2023, following last year's Long Range Desert Group, Golden Donna and Boxheater Jackson albums. Fluffy Inside is the work of Paul Alexander and this album, Nylon Corners, is a fully realised ten track acid masterwork, the 303 and analogue synths building hypnotic, endlessly rewarding tracks. There are burbling basslines and intricate spiralling toplines, bleeps and waves of atmosphere, cavernous space and insistent floorfillers. The album is at Bandcamp, available digitally and on CD. All ten tracks are worth your time and attention- try these two.

Opening track Initial Pattern starts out in deep space, a bassline from the outer reaches cutting through the bed of FX. An acid squiggle works its way forwards, gathering steam. Whooshes shoot in from the edges. The sounds warp and weave, morphing slowly around each other. 

Over The Shoulder is a seven minute trip, the thump of a kick drum and hisses of percussion joined by the bassline, everything picking up pace and pushing onwards. A ringing synth sound nags away, fading in and out. Insistent acid techno. 


Charity Chic said...

Very clever first sentence.
I thought you were dissing the music at first.

Swiss Adam said...

On the whole I never diss the music. Blogging's almost always a positive thing.

thewalker said...

That first line made me stop in my tracks. :P