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Friday 15 September 2023

Weatherall Remix Friday Twelve

Back in 2013 Andrew Weatherall was on the crest of a new wave, his skills as a remixer in demand again, a new generation of artists wanting his magic dust sprinkled over their work and the man in fine form, producing remixes that took in a variety of styles and influences- dub, post- punk, kraut, Balearic, acid and more all showed up across a slew of remixes. This one found a sweet spot somewhere between indie- dance and techno, the sugar psychedelia of Australian band Jagwar Ma rejigged with a tough drum track, juddering synth sounds and singer Gabriel's compressed vocal. 

Come Save Me

Moving to London Jagwar Ma's Jono Ma- the man who does the guitars, synths, drum machines, samples and production- found himself in studio space adjoining Mr Weatherall's, in a facility in Tottenham. In 2016 Jagwar Ma released a second album, Every Now And Zen. In 2017, having sent the stems and tracks next door Andrew provided a pair of remixes of the song Give Me A Reason, one making it to a 12" release. These are a step away again from the Come save Me remix, a version which could easily have soundtracked mayhem at indie nights on dancefloors in 1991. These are more spacey, the rippling cosmische extended for up to ten minutes, waves of synthlines flowing over minimal, pattering electronic drums. The second one goes further still, a stripped down electronic dub version with distorted voices, bending the original song and its remix into new shapes. 

Give Me A Reason (Weatherall Meets Jonnie Two Heaters Uptown Part 1)

Give Me A Reason (Weatherall Meets Jonnie Two Heaters Uptown Part 2)

Jono found the British winter tough, shivering in his studio space, wrapped up to beat the cold. The Facility 1 landlord brought him a heater but one was not enough. Hence the remix titles. 

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