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Monday 13 November 2023

Monday's Long Songs

Earlier this year Marshall Watson released an EP called Foothills. Marshall is nineteen years into a career as an ambient/ Balearic writer and composer and the five tracks on Foothills (four new ones plus a Seahawks remix) are just the ticket- long instrumentals, long synth chords that allow the listener to have that sense of drift, with textures added by pianos and guitars, everything covered in a warm glow. It's music that seems to be the very opposite of a grim Monday morning in November in North West England but maybe that's exactly why it strikes such a chord for me. The EP can be bought here

High Desert

Also this year Marshall recorded a track with San Francisco's Cole Odin, a DJ and producer equally fired up by dance music and life affirming rock 'n' roll. The song Just A Daydream Away was a perfect slice of sunshine indie dance,  the sound of summer 1989 wrapped up for 2023. The Just A Daydream Away EP came with two versions of the song and three remixes, two from Sean Johnston's Hardway Bros and one from Joe Morris. Chuggy rhythms, chunky bass, glistening psyche- folk guitars and whispered vocals. This is the Space Flight version, seven minutes of blissed out magic. Buy the whole package here

Last week's Psychemagik post prompted me to dig back through my folders and nudged slightly by Jesse I went back to this, a 2019 Psychemagik remix of Cole Odin's Dawn's Approaching. Almost eight minutes long and not a second wasted Psychemagik bring everything in their bag to this, gentle building, expansive, vocals drizzled in warm waves, a beautiful flow of synths and drums and then just when you think it not going to change Psychemagik press the button marked Rez and it all goes off in fine style. Buy it here.  

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