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Friday 3 November 2023

Sabresonic At Thirty Tonight

Tonight at The Golden Lion in Todmorden, Sabresonic at 30, a celebration of Sabres of Paradise's 1993 album with a Q&A in the pub with not one but two former Sabres, Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns, from 7.30pm (hosted by me, which would have had twenty three year old me in 1993 scratching his head and wondering how the fuck that turn of events came about). After the Q&A/ listening party, Jagz is DJing, playing a set partly inspired by the sounds that inspired Sabresonic. It should be quite a party, it's free and if you're in the vicinity it would be lovely to see you there. The Q&A is being filmed so there's a possibility I may share it here at some point, depending on how much I can bear to watch myself hosting an interview in front of a crowd. 

This was a Sabres track that didn't get a vinyl release until a re- issue in 2018. Lick Wid Nit Wit originally came out on Volume, a CD/ book/ magazine series. This is full of typically '93 Sabres sounds, dub techno pitched somewhere between the club and home with punchy kick drums, rimshots, rolling hand drums, acres of echo, a big dubby bassline and a melodica solo in the middle that nods towards Wilmot.

Lick Wid Nit Wit


Khayem said...

Living in the South out in the sticks ain’t all it’s cracked up to be when it means missing out on one-off nights like this.

I don’t need to wish you a fantastic night, Adam, it will be but massive respect for being one of the people that made it happen. Definitely one to be celebrated.

And I have loved that Sabres song (and title) since I bought that Volume book/CD (way) back in the day.

All power to you!

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Khayem- it went really well and it feels good that we made it happen. Will report back in greater detail at some point.