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Thursday 15 February 2024


Andres y Xavi are a duo from Brighton whose Sounds From The Secret Bar was a slo mo, slow burn, Balearic/ downtempo double album summer 2021 highlight. They followed it a few singles/ remixes including Bibbles, out in the middle of last year. Andres y Xavi asked Jezebell to remix Bibbles and Jezebell went to town creating not just one but three remixes of the original, each remix one containing the seeds of the next. 

The first is Bibbles (Pots And Pans Mix), an abstracted, stuttering take with whirring, ticking, clanking and clicking sounds over the drums. Jezebell say its not a million miles from vintage DJ Shadow and I'd add Clock Factory (from Sabresonic) and some 90s Warp records as reference points. It's endlessly inventive, a remix that keeps surprising as it twists and splutters to its endpoint, a chopped up vocal sounding like the baa baaing of electronic sheep. 

Bibbles (Bubble And Squeak Mix) is a step up in tempo from Pots And Pans. It sets out from a similar point but streamlines itself fairly quickly, coalescing into an insistent synth riff and slo mo drums with lasers flashing and a human voice lost somewhere inside it, a remix that combines spaced out with a hefty thump. 

Bibbles (Baubles And Beads Mix) completes the triptych, a six minute work out with a nod to mid- 80s hip hop grooves, some thundering bass, some 60s organ and those electronic sheep back again, this time accompanied by cowbell. Floor shaking action. 

The Bibbles remix package came out yesterday and you can hear it and purchase from Higher Love here

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