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Friday 2 February 2024

This Daze

Bagging Area goes to Brazil today with music from Gigios, born in Sao Paulo and raised in the USA. Gigios (Guilherme Friere) released an album last month, Simplesmente Gigios, eight tracks that are full of bounce and joy,  house/ disco/ Balearica from the southern hemisphere, with some Brazilian feel in the music to these northern hemisphere ears.

This is This Daze, a six minute slice of percussion, synths, keys and sunshine- it's summer in Brazil at the moment and about 40 degrees in Sao Paulo. My contact in Brazil, Eduardo, keeps me updated with news and music from Sao Paulo. He recently sent me an album by feriasdasferias who I've posted here before and will do so again shortly. Simplesmente Gigios can be found at Bandcamp, on Gop Tun Records. Isn't the internet brilliant at shrinking some of the distances between us?

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