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Monday 26 February 2024

Monday's Long Song

This came my way last week and instantly improved my life, an eleven minute epic from Marshall Watson called Astro Pan. It is a piece of music that evokes all sorts of imagery and visions, a soundtrack and a journey, an extended prog/ acid/ ambient/ cinematic ode to the cosmos; a layered, expansive interstellar long song. Halfway through voices appear among the organs, synths, drums and FX, an Alpha Centauri choral ensemble. Magical stuff from Marshall. It could easily be twice as long and not overstay its welcome. Get it here

Marshall is from San Francisco, a composer, sound engineer and producer. Last year he released an EP with Cole Odin that was one of my favourite tracks of 23, the shimmering indie- dance of Just A Daydream Away, and a five track mini- album of blissed out Balearica called Foothills, complete with a Seahawks remix. I recommend both fully. And if you want/ need a brand new Marshall edit of Iko Iko, the New Orleans song recorded variously since 1953 Sugar Boy Crawford and his Cane Cutters, The Dixie Cups, Dr. John, Natasha, Captain Jack, The Belle Stars and Justin Wellington, then you can get that here, renamed Eye Co. 

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Khayem said...

Wow, that is a lovely piece of music. And thanks for including a nod to Eye Co. I didn't know I needed another version of Iko Iko until I heard this. What a brilliant contrast to Astro Pan!