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Thursday 8 April 2010

King Tubby 'Hijack the Barber'

King Tubby invented dub. There are arguments about this, but Tubby's case is pretty convincing. His first two albums, The Roots Of Dub and Dub From The Roots, contain pretty much all you need. In the mid-1970s he versioned Jamaican singles, cranking up the bass and drums, fading vocals in and out, adding echo and sound effects, and made entirely new records out of old and current ones. I was in town shopping the other day, and found a new re-pressing of the Dub From The Roots album on Jamaican Recordings, on heavyweight vinyl for under a tenner and it sounds ace. So take the mp3 and enjoy it, it's fantastic like the rest of the album, but to really hear this one you need to do yourself a favour and get to the record shop, buy the vinyl and hear that bass and those horns. Sublime.

04 Hijack the Barber.wma


hsd said...

Once again impeccable taste SA.
His influence is still being felt today, certainly round my house.

drew said...

There's not a lot better than a bit of King Tubby.

Have you read Lloyd Bradley's Bass Culture, very informative, good section on Mr Ruddock, although got a bit bored of it when it started on dancehall. Have never been able to get into Dancehall.

Swiss Adam said...

Yeah, I read that too and had the same reaction as you Drew.