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Friday 16 April 2010

Willie Williams 'Armagideon Time'

You realise you're into the record buying lark deeply when you start trying to track down the original versions of songs covered by your favourite bands. Two decades ago I started collecting the songs The Clash covered, on vinyl wherever possible. In these internet times it's a lot easier. I held out from buying a cd player until about 1996, which made things doubly hard. Once I started buying cds tracks became easier to get hold of due to the re-issue culture cd encouraged, although the price was often extortionate. I remember looking at an Equals compilation in Market Street HMV which had Police On My Back on it for £16.99. More recently Paul Simonon compiled a cd for Trojan containing most of the Clash cover originals, which is where this is taken from, although I've since duplicated it on a couple of reggae compilations. I still don't have all the Clash cover songs on vinyl, although my 7" of Bobby Fuller's I Fought The Law has taken a battering over the years and was well worth the £5.99 I shelled out. This is Willie Williams' brilliant Armagideon Time, famously covered by The Clash as the B-side to the London Calling single.

19 Armagideon Time.wma

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bossman said...

nice post, I got this on the Soul Jazz 100% Dynamite compliation a few years back.
Good blog, well done sir.