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Tuesday 6 April 2010

Lord Sabre's Birthday

Today is Lord Sabre's birthday. It would be remiss of this blog to let Andrew Weatherall's birthday pass without a posting. This is the Weatherall remix of Jack Knife by Arrows. Arrows are a six piece rock band from Bedfordshire, and released an lp called Create/Evade/Inspire/Escape in 2007. Lord Sabre took Jack Knife and slapped it about a bit, creating a beaty, rockabillyish, buzz-saw style version. Happy birthday Mr Weatherall



Unknown said...

Ooh - never saw this. Merci!

Ctelblog said...

Likewise. Many thanks. Never heard of this before.

Swiss Adam said...

I'd never heard of it either- stumbled across it on t'internet at Arrows website, probably while googling Weatherall remix and trawling through the pages.