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Friday 16 April 2010

Minutemen 'Political Nightmare'

Gordon can handle the economy, but his one-liners are delivered like they were written by script-writers.
Eton Rifle 'Dave' Cameron once met a black man who was worried about immigration. He met someone who'd been burgled too.
Nick Clegg isn't like them other two, but he's the winner apparently.

From The Minutemen's Three Way Tie (For Last) album.

Made your mind up yet? (Hint: don't vote Tory).

04 Political Nightmare.wma


hsd said...

"For God's sake, Burn it all down"

drew said...

I cannot comment as I chose not to watch but I will anyway, I can't believe that people are buying what the Bullingdon boys are peddling. As for I've slept with loads of birds Clegg, as he is well aware it's easy to promise the moon when you've no intention or no chance of being around to fulfill those promises. As for Gordon, for fuck's sake be honest, we are in the shit but it would be worse with the tories, give us the figures and the tax plans and let us decide!

Rant over, have a good weekend SA.

ANCB said...

I watched it and earned a tenner :-)

I did the ITN phone survey and it's a tenner a pop and with 2 more to go - that'll be 30 nicker for watching the tosh!