Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Wednesday 23 October 2019


Some lifestyle advice from the inside of a toilet door in one of Manchester's pubs, the promotion of mood altering substances along with some criticism of one of the city's best known sons.

Not related but here's some more Scandi-disco from Lindstrom. Blinded By The LEDs, a single from last year, starts out dark and spaced out. The disco drums power it forwards before it all goes a bit prog. The ending comes dramatically, the lights going out, leaving you wanting it all to start up again. Lindstrom is a master of this kind of thing, makes it all seem so easy and has a back catalogue littered with jewels. His new album, a four track, recorded live in one take, synth and drum machine banger, is out now too- On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever can be bought here.

Blinded By The LEDs