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Sunday 6 October 2019

Like A Ripple

Steve Mason started the year with a new album, About The Light, an album recorded with Stephen Street which brought all the Steve Mason songwriting chops together with gospel backing vox, Magic Bus guitars, soaring choruses, anger about Grenfell- an accessible, big sounding album. He's about to release a 12" single/ep called Coup d'etat, three new songs and a remix of America Is Your Boyfriend by Tim Goldsworthy. The first came out on the internet on Friday, Like A Ripple., built around a low slung bassline, fast, frenetic drums and growly vocals. There's some fat synth bass noise and a touch of New Order at around three minutes plus, backing vox and choppy guitars and everything powering onward. The lyrics of Like A Ripple start 'every time you talk about the same things every day/ I can't talk it', which taken along with the coup d'etat of the title of the ep may or may not be related to our current Prime Minister. We could do with some decent political pop.


Walter said...

I really like About The Light but this new one is great and made me a great start into Sunday.

C said...

I really like this. He seems incredibly prolific too!

Echorich said...

Loving all the Hooky bass influence that's around at the moment!