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Wednesday 25 December 2019

Happy Christmas

Diego Maradona and Dayglo Maradona both wish you a very happy Christmas. Feliz Navidad.

Rock Section (Andrew Weatherall remix)


drew said...


I hope you. Lou, Isaac and Eliza have a great day SA, all the best.

The Swede said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours SA.

Anonymous said...

Damn, i thought 'the man who likes to chug' had remixed 'Rock Section' by The Colours Out Of Time. Still this will do. Back ache forbids me from jigging.
seasons greets - SRC

Anonymous said...

I learnt something from the internet today (not again!). You may know all this. The Colours Out Of Time covered Skin Patrol. COOT changed the lyrics and injected it with steroids and appeared to have released it before Skin Patrol. I don't think Skin Patrol ever released a vinyl of it? I didn't realise the connection to Julian Copes 'Gnostic Hooligan Novel' either. There is so much to learn and so little time.
-a stand corrected SRC

Adam Turner said...

Cope's novel is brilliant. The whole world and website of bands that came with it was bewildering and blurred the lines between reality and fiction in a way that meant I was never 100% sure what was actual a d what was a product of his imagination.

Anonymous said...

I must look into this, but hey Adam i'm running out of time!

keepingitpeel said...