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Thursday 5 December 2019

Outward Journeys

Today's musical accompaniment is from another Ghost Box album that I've been playing recently, Outward Journeys by The Belbury Circle. The music is all early 80s synths and Tomorrow's World optimism, sequencers and driving rhythms, a homemade version of the future. The Belbury Circle is the paring of two of Ghost Bx's main artists, Jon Brooks of The Advisory Circle and Jim Jupp of Belbury Poly (you can see how they came up with the new name). Two of the songs feature vocals and synth from genuine 80s pioneer John Foxx. Journeys and travel are a recurring theme throughout the nine songs with references to cat's eyes, transport, departures and heading home in the song titles.

Cloudburst Five is a three and a half minute burst of joy, bullet train rhythms and melodic bass runs with synth toplines that sound like they've come straight from the theme tune a semi- forgotten sci fi TV series about a pair of time travelling secret agents who turn up to fight invisible enemies in a quarry in Wales with help from a group of children in parkas and some Roundheads.

Cloudburst Five

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