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Tuesday 17 December 2019

I Ain't Found What I'm Looking For

I keep making the mistake of opening Twitter or the newspaper and going back to what happened last Thursday, like a dog returning to it's own vomit. There's nothing much to be gained by it at the moment, all the news, comments and opinions are giving different but equally depressing views on the same shitty mess. Johnson's supporters are obviously cock- a- hoop and the right wing is invigorated and emboldened. The Labour Party has been tearing itself apart since the moment the exit poll slammed down at 10 pm on Thursday night. Boris Johnson has already made some threats against the BBC, to decriminalise non- payment of the license fee and, in a move straight out of Trump's handbook on how to damage democracy, is boycotting some BBC programmes.

The Redskins 1986 single keeps bubbling up in my mind. Funny how we revert to the protest songs of the 80s. The Redskins famously wanted to be a combination of The Supremes and The Clash and in Keep On Keepin' On wrote a song that delivered on that promise.

Keep On Keepin' On

Keep On Keepin' On (Ted de Bono 12" Mix)


FurryBootsCityBoy said...


"THE POWER IS YOURS". (Sorry, couldn't resist)

drew said...

I suspect that Chris Dean will be on the side of Bastani, Sakar and the rest. But it does not detract from the fact that The Redskins were magic and absolutely essential. Also every dj set I have ever done has started with The Power is yours, even when I used to do house and dance things.