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Sunday 1 December 2019

Little Anthony

It was sad to read of the death of Little Anthony this weekend. Anthony was a member of Intastella, the group's dancer (he's pictured on the cover of their album, crouching in the centre between two bikers). He was a well known character and face around town and many people, myself included, will have shared a dancefloor with him at some time since the late 80s. Maybe even a podium in Paradise Factory in the 90s. RIP Little Ant.

In 1991 Intastella released People, a glorious six minute piece of psychedelic dance- pop.



Unknown said...

My son loved Anthony and introduced us because, "I can't believe I've not done this sooner, you two will really get on". He was right, we did. Anthony was really sweet to me during a tough time. And a lot of fun. Can't quite believe we won't dance down the Scholar again. But we'll always be dancing somewhere. Love and respect Anthony, from Peter's mum xxx

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks for commenting Peter's mum. All the best.