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Friday 3 January 2020

Black Sun

The days have lost all sense of normality recently with every day seeming to be either Saturday or Sunday. Today apparently is Friday. In 1988 Croydon's finest noise/drone/space rock band Loop released their second album, Fade Out, eight slices of psychedelic, overdriven, fuzzed out rock, somewhere between The Stooges and Neu! Loop tended to get a little overlooked at the time- the marketplace for this kind of music was pretty crowded and Spacemen 3 got a lot of the attention. I think Sonic Boom felt that Loop were ripping his band off. Fade Out is a minor masterpiece though and worth going back to, the sound a murky heavy cloud with bass and guitar lines occasionally cutting through, the vocals sunken into the music. This song opens the album- the guitar riffs grind away ferociously and distortion and repetition are everything.

Black Sun

Kate Moss is also from Croydon.

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