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Monday 1 May 2023

Bank Holiday Monday Long Song


The first day of May, a bank holiday and a new feelgood song from Balearic heroes A Man Called Adam. The Girl With The Hole In Her Heart in it's album version is six minutes plus of upbeat, pulsing, house with Morodor keyboards, early 80s Sheffield rhythms and a slice of electro- pop thrown in. It's one of those songs that will get played through until the autumn. Lyrically the song draws from Sally Rodgers' earliest memories and overhearing an adult talking about the girl next door having a hole in her heart, 'a wildly visual and evocative image for a child to comprehend' as Sally says. 

At the band's Bandcamp page Sally writes about how their new album walks 'the ugly, lovely industrial coastline of the North East of England, stopping to soak up the breathtaking scenery and watch everyday life carrying on in the face of rapid deindustrialisation'. One of those beaches, Crimdon, is in the picture above from our visit last month and Sally is absolutely spot on. 

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