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Monday 15 May 2023

Monday's Long Song

Dirt Bogarde is from Stourbridge and makes the sort of music that really needs to be heard through a large and expensive speaker system at high volume- chuggy, acid house/ dark disco/ trippy Balearica with a huge emotional pull. Last month Dirt released Heavy Blotter, an nine minute tour de force with wobbly synths, thumping kick drum, rattling snare, a pulsating topline and bags of last track of the night feelings. When the female vocal and bassline kick in after two minutes and then a little later when the synths go mad, it's all almost too much. Seriously heady stuff. 

It's available only at Bandcamp and costs just one pound. Dirt's back catalogue is worth working your way through too. Backroom Sunrise, from March this year, is a joy and from the end of last year Kuiper Estasi pulls at similar places, a six minute slice of dark, after hours dance music. Buy it here.

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