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Tuesday 30 May 2023

Don't Let Go

A song from forty years ago. Pink Industry were formed by Liverpool legend Jayne Casey after the break up of her previous band Pink Military in 1981, Jayne with Ambrose Reynolds (previously in Big In Japan and an early member of Frankie Goes To Hollywood). Pink Industry were more electronic than Pink Military had been, the Yamaha

In 1983 they released an album called Low Technology on Zulu Records, based on Liverpool's Bold Street.

Spindly guitars, a crashing Yamaha drumbeat and a very FXed bassline with Jayne's melancholic vox on top, darkwave/ goth electronic rock, several years before Depeche Mode (among others) took this sound to the stadiums of Europe and the US. One of those songs that has slipped through the net but a sound that seems very contemporary. 

Don't Let Go


C said...

Very contemporary sounding as you say. Big In Japan and Pink Military were surely like the breeding ground for so many bands and artists, when you look at their various line-ups it's like some fictional post-punk supergroup, and yet they don't seem to get the acknowledgement they surely deserve.

Ernie Goggins said...

This takes me back, thanks.

As it happens I was in Liverpool at the weekend and went to the Museum of Liverpool to look at the Wondrous Place gallery which is devoted to the creative arts and sport. Big in Japan were there, in between Billy Fury and Sonia.

Swiss Adam said...

Very much so C- everyone who became someone passed through their ranks.

They do sound so contemporary- when I listen to Berlin artist Curses, who I love, its impossible to believe he hasn't got all the Pink Industry records.

Ernie- sandwiched between Billy Fury and Sonia is exactly the place you'd want to be

JC said...

I haven't heard this since 1983. A flatmate had the album - it was played collectively just the once as the rest of us dismissed it as for being too dowdy.

Listening again, I can only hang my head in shame for showing such poor taste.