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Monday 29 May 2023

Monday's Long Song

Andy Bell's album with Essex duo Masal is a thing of wonder, a four track album that floats in the spaces between ambient, shoegaze and astral jazz. The four instrumental pieces all have long titles- Murmuration Of  Warm Dappled Light On Her Back After Swimming, The Slight Unease Of Seeing A Crescent Moon In A Blue Midday Sky, Tidal Love Conversation In That Familiar Golden Orchard and A Pyramid Hidden By Centuries Of Neon Green Undergrowth- inspired by Felt's long stream of consciousness song titles. The music on the opening track, Murmuration Of Warm Dappled Light On Her Back After Swimming, glides by slowly, drones, waves of sound, sporadic bursts of wandering psychedelic guitar, and on top a harp. Like lying back in a warm bath with the sun on your face, and gently drifting in and out of being awake/ half asleep. 

Murmuration... is the longest track here too at nearly fifteen minutes long with the rest are all coming in between seven and ten minutes long. The album, Tidal Love Numbers, can be bought at Bandcamp although the CD and cassette versions are long since all sold out.

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