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Tuesday 9 May 2023

How Rude

A pair of remixes from Rude Audio to bring some deep dubby/ disco to Tuesday. The first is a remix of Sweet Spot by Perry Granville (previously available in unremixed form on the Higher Love Vol. 2 compilation from Brighton's Higher Love label). The Rude Audio remix (buy/ listen at Bandcamp) is ten minutes of low slung dub- chug, the railway- like rhythm thudding away slowly at goods train speed with all manner of dub FX. A fragment of wordless vocal floats in and out. Laid back, hypnotic and meditative, and very good indeed. 

The original, from last autumn, is three minutes shorter, an ambient/ Balearic excursion (probably by boat across a deep blue sea to an island somewhere hot). It's a very persuasive and evocative six minutes forty seconds of music.  

Meanwhile over at Leeds' Paisley Dark label Rude Audio have remixed James Rod as part of a seven track EP release titled Synthetic Glory, out at the end of last week. The Rude Audio remix of Arabiklan is a more dancey affair, starting out with bleeps and space. A drum machine kicks in followed by Arabic strings and some of those tumbling timbales- six minutes of dark Middle Eastern acid disco business. James Rod's original tracks, Arabiklan and the title track, are joined by remixes courtesy of Man Power, Mindbender, Hogt I Tak and Hunterbrau. The whole package is available at Bandcamp


Khayem said...

The Higher Love compilation was great and Perry’s track a highlight, so the prospect of a Rude Audio remix is very welcome…and delivers.

My budget last Friday couldn’t quite stretch to include this one (next time…) but I did buy the James Rod EP/remixes and it’s excellent.

Walter said...

Once again we had the same idea, Adam. Fantastic stuff

Swiss Adam said...

That's happened a few times now Walter.