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Tuesday 6 June 2023

Acid Bangles

You didn't know you wanted, no, needed, an acid house reworking of Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles did you? You'd never listened to the song in all its Los Angeles 1986 glory and thought you needed it redone in huge acid chug style but, as they say, here we are- and you do. Thank Rich Lane who produced just such an artefact for a DJ gig he had a couple of weeks ago at The Evil Acid Barons Weekender in Devon. You can find it here- it was available for a limited time as a download but I think Rich may have switched that off due to potentially problematic copywrite issues. 

I think this is the ideal opportunity to post this snippet of video heaven- the Susanna Hoffs side eye. 

Written by Liam Sternberg the song was first offered to Toni Basil, then Lene Lovich (who recorded a version but didn't release it) before The Bangles got to record it. In September 1986 they played it while appearing on Whistle Test. The decision by producer David Kahne to have drummer Debbie replaced by a drum machine for the song caused ructions within the group and they didn't work with him again. It may have Rich's job a little easier though. 


Martin said...

Susanna side-eye - sigh.

That remix is good too.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on this link ready to complain that for once you could put aside the brutalist architecture and give us some bloody Susanna Hoffs but there you go. I'll not doubt you again.

Adam Turner said...

Brutalist architecture and Susanna Hoffs- beautiful in different ways

Khayem said...

First Depeche Mode, then Bangles...Rich is on a roll, isn't he? Great stuff.