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Thursday, 1 June 2023

We Stand In The Atlantic

This came out in April 2022- Coyote's Balearic dub re- edit of Kate Bush's Nocturne, released on the Notts duo's Magic Wand label. It's stunning.

Starting out with a very slow drumbeat which a few seconds in shifts up a gear, as if changing the rpm selector from 33 to 45, Kate's voice stutters in and then her vocal in full over the most gorgeous drifting synths. Kate's lyrics are cosmic, loved up and luscious, singing of wanting more, of being one with it all, of floating, of being alone while standing in the sea, of becoming panoramic. An acoustic guitar begins to seep in, muted but there, and then it moves to the fore with a finger picked part, the stars and the sea and the dust all coming together in the lyrics and the music. There are still some copies of Coyote's edit on vinyl around in some parts of the internet- I found one recently. The original version of Nocturne appeared on Kate's 2005 album Aerial. 

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