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Sunday 25 June 2023

Forty Five Minutes Of Hardway Bros Remixes

After A Love From Outer Space at the Golden Lion in Todmorden last night and yesterday's ALFOS post I thought Sean Johnston in Hardway Bros mode would be a good subject for a Sunday mix. I first attempted it weeks ago but for some reason lost the mix- the lost mix is always the best version. Then, trying again more recently, I tried to bite off more than I could chew, including remixes old and new and some of Hardway Bros original music, while trying to keep it around forty five minutes (much of Sean's music, remixes and original, comes in at ten minutes long). I went back to the drawing board, decided to only use remixes this time around and sling together a bag of cosmic chug, house/ disco/ dub and indie- dance- there's a transition in this which is a bit untidy but I've left it as it is. There are so many more remixes that could have been included here. Something to come back to at a future date. 

Forty Five Minutes Of Hardway Bros Remixes

  • The Secret Soul Society x Hardway Bros: Yo We've Landed (Hardway Bros Remix Redux)
  • Islandman: Godless Ceremony (Hardway Bros Remix)
  • Marshall Watson and Cole Odin: Just A Daydream Away (Hardway Bros Remix)
  • Out Cold: Lovin' Arms (Hardway Bros Remix)
  • Peak High: Was That All It Was (Hardway Bros Remix)
  • Aimes: A Star... In The Sky (Hardway Bros Remix)
The Secret Soul Society Yo We've Landed came out in 2021, one of many remixes Sean did that year, Secret Soul's Cal Gibson's head spinning psychedelia bent into disco- dub shapes. 

Islandman's Godless Ceremony came out earlier this year, psychedelic Turkish folk/ dance music turned into wobbly, chiming indie- dance. 

Marshall Watson and Cole Odin's Just A Daydream Away came out just a few weeks ago, another slice of indie- dance Hardway remix heaven. 

Out Cold's Lovin' Arms came out back in 2013. Out Cold is Simon Aldred who was also Cherry Ghost. When I posted this remix about a decade ago Sean saw the post and said he'd forgotten he'd even done the remix. Classic house sound and feel on this one. 

Peak High's cover of the Jean Carne's disco classic Was That All It Was came out at the tail end of last year and I played it and both of Sean's remixes to death including on a car journey at Christmas where my daughter Eliza said she'd heard it, all three versions, so much she never wanted to hear it again. 

Aimes' A Star... In The Sky was a 2020 release about which I know very little other than it came out on 12" and Sean's remix kicks like a mule- dark, spaced out cosmic techno. 


Secret Soul Society said...

Cheers Adam! It was great to be able to hook up with Sean and what he did to the original track was a complete transformation which always works for me. Sean said he works on advice from Mr Weatherall when remixing: pick 3 or 4 elements from the original and go from there. Sage advice for sure....

Anonymous said...
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Swiss Adam said...

Always worth listening to the advice of Mr Weatherall.

Khayem said...

A tough one to start as Sean delivers one great Hardway Bros remix after another. Actually, they usually come in at least pairs if you consider the vocal and dub, making it an even more difficult. However, no surprise that you’ve provided a tip top selection, Adam. Nice one!