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Tuesday 20 June 2023


The phrase Hardway Bros remix is turning into a weekly thing at the moment- recently Sean Johnston's applied his magic remix touch to tracks by Marshall Watson and Cole Odin (psychedelic indie- dance gold from California), Islandman (psychedelic indie- dance gold from Istanbul) and Holy Youth Movement (shuffly indie- dance gold from Bristol). 

Now we get two remixes of Nuremberg's Konformer, a group mentioned here at the weekend in my Bagging Area/ Ban Ban Ton Ton mix after I reviewed Konformer's album. The title track of Konformer's album is a ten minutes of instrumental, cosmische splendour, synths, bass and drums combining, all seductive dark grooves and circling melodies. 

Sean's Hardway Bros remixes don't mess about. The Hardway Bros Remix is ten minutes of mayhem, tempo doubled and rhythm toughened, the sort of thing that wears the carpet out at parties. The Hardway Bros Techno Remix is even more so, a jacking house groove, nagging hi hat and snare rolls kicking hard. The third remix of the package,  the Iron Curtis remix is courtesy of Berlin DJ Iron Curtis, a wiggy, tripped out workout, crashing cymbals and acid squiggles. The three track remix EP can be bought digitally here

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Khayem said...

I mean, it's Hardway Bros so I was expecting it to be excellent, but this is excellent. I like the Iron Curtis remix (and multiple level punning name).