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Saturday 16 December 2023

Saturday Sets

Sean Johnston has been keeping the A Love From Outer Space flag flying high this year with ALFOS nights running in London, Glasgow and various points in between (not least Todmorden). When not playing out Sean sometime sets up at home and DJs on a Friday night, broadcasting live to an online audience, a habit that stated in lockdown and he's kept going irregularly since. At the end of November Sean played ALFOS Emergency Broadcast System 43, five hours of chug/ acid house/ nu disco/ cosmic disco/ whatever else you want to call it as long as it's got a pulsing rhythm, opening with an edit of Police And Thieves by The Clash and finishing with Lindstrom. It's well worth five hours of your Saturday, either in one sitting or in chunks. Listen at Mixcloud

Sean's compiling a list of the big 2023 ALFOS tunes which will I'm sure contain this monster, a dancefloor wrecking tune, Stay On Top by Living In Ghosts featuring Woolfy, the Hardway Bros Dub, which throbs and bounces as the bass grinds and the vocal chants, 'work!'. Highly effective and impactful under red lights and a mirror ball. 

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