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Thursday 7 December 2023

The Revolution Will Be Live

Today's post is post number 5, 555 which is an achievement and numerologically pleasing, all those fives lined up. 

I reviewed two Coyote releases for Ban Ban Ton Ton earlier this week, a post you can read here if you're interested. The review focussed on the forthcoming six track mini- album Hurry Up And Live and a vinyl only release, a 12" containing four Coyote edits. One of the four was featured earlier this year, an refit of Ever So Lonely by Monsoon, and one of my most played tracks of this year). The 1982 original is a dreamy sitar- led pop song with wonderful vocals from Sheila Chandra. 

The second edit is a superb update of a Gil Scott Heron song retitled Western Revolution, Gil's spoken word poetry describing the revolution required by people in the west, the first revolution taking place in the mind and second with action. The lazy groove and gently drifting tune is pure Coyote brilliance. 

Not included in my Coyote roundup at Ban Ban Ton Ton is this piece of sun baked Balearica with Woodentop Rolo McGinty on vocals and acoustic guitar, a heady, catchy and very summer sounding song celebrating the specific delights of partaking in the smoking of the weed in the shade on hot days. Listen/  buy here

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Khayem said...

Congratulations on reaching 5555 posts (& counting), Adam. It’ll be a while before I get all the ones, if I can keep going that long!

Always a quality post without fail, too. Love the three Coyote tracks on offer here.