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Friday 1 December 2023


David Holmes is here on a weekly basis at the moment, his Blind On A Galloping Horse album, the series of singles that came ahead of it and DJ gigs to promote it providing a rich vein of inspiration. The latest single from the album is Yeah x 3, Raven Violet's vocals clear and centre, singing David's lines about taking a shot of equanimity and not needing to sleep in a bed with toxicity. Personal liberation, living in the now, free from fear. 

There are two remix packages, one already out and one to follow. The first has remixes by Sonic Boom and Panda Bear, who take that psychedelic 60s pop sound from their Reset album and magnify it, the bassline sounding like Hooky has joined a 1966 San Francisco acid freak out group, by X- Press 2 (a delicious funky, house remix and dub), one by Jordan Nocturne (chopped up voice, stuttering synths, pulsing bass) and a pair by Belfast friend The Vendetta Suite, the Reason To Live remix which is a Wall Of Sound tour de force and the Reason To Drift remix which is a blissed out, twinkling ambient haze. All are superb and all can be bought/ heard here

Remixes go both ways. Last year David remixed Getting To The Point from Sonic Boom and Panda Bear's album, the 60s psyche and bubblegum underpinned by an insistent drum machine, plentiful bubbling sounds and a lovely long fade out.

Much more recent is David's remix of X- Press 2, whose recent new album I've been meaning to get to and haven't yet. Phasing You Out has Kele Okereke on vocals and in David's hands is an eight minute trippy, percussive drum workout, Kele's voice on top of the multi- rhythmic ride, ending in a blare of police sirens. 

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Just bought on the album, on the strength of your post. Thanks, Adam.