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Saturday 9 December 2023

Saturday Shows

A pair of long form mixes for Saturday, one very recent and one slightly older. First up is David Holmes back at NTS for his monthly two hour residency, God's Waiting Room. The most recent edition went out last week and is available to listen to at Mixcloud. David's shows have been required listening for some time and this one is right up there with his best, a perfectly selected and sequenced two hours with music crossing genres and boundaries, an ambient, jazzy, blurry haze in the opening section that gradually takes focus in some fine electronic sounds, heads into dubbier areas and finishes with Imelda May's You Don't Get To Be Racist And Irish, a point being made to some people in Dublin. Along the way he weaves in music from Cosmic Neighbourhood, Dean Hurley, Laurel Halo, Wailing Souls, The Circling Sun and Khidja. 

David recently named Laurel Halo's album Atlas as one of his albums of the year and it's easy to see why- the track he plays on God's Waiting Room, also Atlas, is beautiful, drifting, weightless cosmic ambience from Los Angeles.

The second mix, once you've digested all of that, is from Coldcut and Mixmaster Morris, released in November 2021, a twenty nine track depth study of ambient and neo- classical recordings with artists including A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Skee Mask, Sigur Ros, Steve Roach, Laraaji, Yak Herder and as a finale a new version of Coldcut's Autumn Leaves, retitled as Autumn Leaves Return by Irrisitible Force x Coldcut. The album, @0, is available as a compilation of single tracks and as an hour and sixteen minute long mix here. @0 is a weighty and contemplative way to spend eighty minutes but ultimately cathartic and optimistic. 


Nick L said...

Nice. Will give both the mixes a listen later, it'll make a dull hospital stay (total knee replacement) a bit more interesting. Your posts are a kind of social service Adam!

blureu said...

nice, thanks.

Swiss Adam said...

Hope the op goes well Nick, enjoy the mixes as part of your recuperation.