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Wednesday 24 April 2024

Every Forest Has A Shadow

Nottingham duo Coyote are experts at choosing a vocal sample and setting against the backdrop of some very atmospheric music. Their latest EP, Every Forest Has A Shadow, has two slices of casual Coyote brilliance. First the title track... 

The music is wonderfully evocative, a haze of reverb and FX, some synth chords, a tambourine, drums, all very organic and natural sounding. Aptly because the vocal sample is about environmentalism and the natural world...

'If you think along the lines of nature, one doesn't know what will change? Is it trees or is it the wood? One thing is sure, a great change is imminent... only a great danger exists with man himself'.

Know One Cares is a more psychedelic track with drums that pick up and push it on, tumbling synthlines and some acidic squiggle action, a gathering intensity, and a female voice saying, 'no one cares for me'. The hand drum that rattles in and out gives it some welly as the bass pads away. 

Each track is also on the EP in remixed form, one remix courtesy of Sebra Cruz and the other by Vanity Project. You can get it at Bandcamp


Echo and Rauschen said...

Where it says Coyote on it, there is Coyote in it.
I mean, posts with Coyote are always good.
The output of Timm Sure & Ampo is enormous and of one
Always in an impressive way. And sure:
They somehow found their sound, the voice samples
Are always exquisite, similar to the BBC oo. Samples at the Orb.
I still remember discovering Coyote, I think in 2014/2015
and their first 3 albums Harlyn Bay, Half Man Half Coyote & Gliding Time
was allowed to hear in one fell swoop. A triple album as an introduction, so to speak.
They have since continued to grow and the quality remains consistently high.
Respect & thanks for the post.
(A few personal lines shortly). Greetings from Alex

Swiss Adam said...

Welcome aboard Alex- agree completely re: Coyote, they get better and better