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Monday 8 April 2024

Monday's Long Song

I first heard this song in a bar in Glasgow in 2017, an eight and a half minutes long dream state song that drifts in with undulating organ and eventually a rickety rhythm. The vocal is courtesy of Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier, sounding like she's half asleep and a few feet away from the microphone. There's a brief pause half way through and then it starts back up again, a bank of static drone/ noise coming to the fore. It's all very hazy and languid, the soundtrack to one of those days you don't want to end. 

Atlas Sound is Bradford Cox's ambient/ indie side hustle. He's better known as the frontman in Deerhunter. Logos is Atlas Sound's second album, released in 2009 on 4AD with Panda Bear also contributing. Looking at the track list I can't recall much about the rest of the album, definitely one to go back to if Quick Canal is anything to go by.

Quick Canal

I noticed when writing this post that this is Bagging Area post number 5678 which is pleasing numerically. Two songs suggested themselves to me to mark this seismic event, the first that godawful song by Steps- no, don't worry, I'm not posting it- and the other Woo Hoo by The's, a Japanese band who found fame when the song was on the Kill Bill soundtrack back in 2003. I don't have that song but I do have the rockabilly original by The Rock- A- Teens from 1959.

Woo Hoo


JC said...

whoo hoo, indeed!!!

Countless millions of words you've typed up.....and I bet you count the number that were wasted on the fingers of one human hand....if, indeed, that many.

Swiss Adam said...

It's the 17, 900 comments that make blogging such a great thing to do- the fact that we're not just typing into the wind, that there are people out there, a community, is what its all about.

Anonymous said...

Quick Canal. Never heard this before. Serene. Gives you a rush, while your body is suspended. Thanks.

thewalker said...

5678 Massive!