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Thursday 4 April 2024


Mighty Force's hot streak continues onwards with the release in march of Gofunga! by Myoptik. The first of three Mighty Force compilations celebrating the label's 33rd birthday came out in mid0 February, MF33 Volume 1, which closed with Myoptik's Nuclear Trafficlightz, a ten minute long excursion into an acid techno otherworld. Now Myoptik has a five track album out, Gofunga!, an album that really delivers when heard on headphones. It starts with End Of The Ride, another long track, ten minutes of experimental electronic sound that fizzes and buzzes, alive with the endless possibilities of layered, recorded sound. 

Modular Knights 4 follows, a vocal sample looped and then suddenly overlaid with blurping synths and swelling noise, everything eventually falling into a rhythmic thump. Dirtbag_BL is machine music, some early 90s IDM/ Warp inflections and drones that work their way to the fore. Both those two are relatively short, coming in at seven and minutes respectively. Magnifkumpoop stretches out fully, twelve minutes long and an epic construction of repeating synth sounds, bursts of noise and crunching drums that becomes hypnotic quickly. As it unfolds the drums and synths shift around, new elements drawn in and phased out, a nagging, insistent drone at the centre trained right between the eyes that eventually splutters to a halt, a masterclass in braindance sounds. Gofunga! ends with NDOR Europe Endz, an experiment that goes on and on, the clicky drums not arriving until about seven minutes in, whirrs and loops and bleeps that spiral and circle until your headphones feel like they've embedded themselves somewhere inside your skull. Gofunga! is available at Bandcamp

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