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Wednesday 17 April 2024

What Was The Name Of The Movie?

This track was played by David Holmes at The Golden Lion's AW61 celebrations during his Friday night DJ set, one that sent the room into a bit of a spin, long forgotten memories of the 1980s reverberating round people's minds, singing along to a song you weren't sure how well you knew, a shared lost memory perhaps.


Absolute Body Control were from Antwerp, a duo of Dirk Ivens and Eric Van Wonterghem, dark but catchy synth- pop with deep, cavernous vocals, two fingered keyboard parts, synth squiggles, crunching drums and synth- percussion, with the vocal returning to the line, 'what was the name of the movie?'. Figures, the album this song is the title tack from, was released on cassette in Belgium in 1983, the pair's third album. In Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands this sort thing became known as EBM, electronic body music- a proto- house, dance music fusing sequencers, synths, punk and industrial. Electronic body music is a description that fits it perfectly. 

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