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Sunday 7 March 2010

Joy Division 'Novelty'

This is what happens when a band hit their stride, get a sound and have a producer who thinks he knows how they should sound. This was the B-side to Transmission, Joy Division's first stroke of genius moment. It's all about the intro this one- electric guitar scratchily unwinding over the opening moments, then Bernard begins the riff. After a while Martin Hannett lets the bass in and seconds later the bass drum, and these are among the best recorded and loudest bass and drums on vinyl. Once that's over the band are racing to get to the end of the song, while Ian Curtis gives us his killer question- 'What are you going to do when the novelty has gone?'

16 Novelty.wma


hsd said...

sadly another rock n roll suicide this week. RIP Mark Linkous

Swiss Adam said...

Really? Not heard about that. Sad.

hsd said...

I was just thinking about Sparklehorse this week, not heard anything for a while then this. Have you heard any of that stuff he did with David Lynch and Dangermouse?

Swiss Adam said...

Yeah, thought it was good at first, but got bored with it quickly. Might have another listen.