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Monday 15 March 2010

Rare Weatherall 'Hidden Library 003 Lord Of The Hornets'

This is Lord Of The Hornets, a cover of the song by former Hawkwind member Robert Calvert. I posted the original back at the start of this blog. Lord Of The Hornets is the second and last Hidden Library single (Hidden Library 003). According to the label on the 7" this song and the b-side are credited to Jnr Poon, a pseudonym (according to Discogs amongst other sources) for Weatherall and Tenniswood. Released back in 2002 this would make it the first vocal by Weatherall (if it is him singing), sometime before The Double Gone Chapel lp. There was an interview somewhere where AW claimed a Hidden Library single was coming out featuring 'some mates' but I've no idea if that was this, or if that ever came out. If anyone can clear these matters up a small group of Weatherall anoraks would probably be grateful. Or at least satisfied that a small crumb of knowledge has been added to the file in their brains labelled 'Weatherall'.

This blew me away when I got hold of it in my early internet shopping days- I played it endlessly. The electro crunchiness, the buzzing hornet noises, the vocals. It took sometime for me to find out it was a cover, and some more time to get hold of the original- ebay 7", couple of quid, and recently a cd/digital re-release. I seem to remember thinking at the time that if this had proper promotion and a big record company behind it, it could've been a massive hit. Listening to it again now I'm not so sure- can't quite see the British music buying public going for this in large numbers, certainly not the people who buy what Weatherall himself called 'Top Shop music for Hollyoaks people' a while back on Lamack's Roundtable. Regardless, this is one of the gems of the RGC back catalogue, was only manufactured in small quantities (500 copies), and may or may not be Andrew Weatherall, but it deserves to be heard by more people. Enjoy.



Moggieboy said...

Cheers for this wee trio of lovelies.

Swiss Adam said...

One more to come.

Ctelblog said...

Thank you, thank you.