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Sunday 28 March 2010

Sabres Of Paradise 'Theme III'

There have been a lot of guitars round Bagging Area recently so maybe at the official start of British Summer Time it's time to (in the language mangling style of the brass hats at work) 'refocus on our core business'- the provision of rarer tracks by Andrew Weatherall. Sabres Of Paradise released the mighty Theme as a 12" single back in 1994. It came backed with two fantastic dub influenced B-Sides, Edge 6 and Return Of Carter, and all three got hammered on my stereo for several months/years. More recently I chanced upon the cd single in a second hand shop which had a as a fourth cd single-only track- Theme III. Theme 6 appeared on a free cassette with Select Magazine, which was posted a week or two ago somewhere (Weekender possibly). Theme's II, and V to the best of my knowledge haven't been released, but I'm ready to stand corrected (and I can't be bothered trawling through a Sabres back catalogue list right now).
Edit: Drew at Across The Kitchen Table has pointed out that Theme IV was on the Haunted Dancehall album, and blast my eyes for not remembering that and being made to look like a Weatherall anorak amateur.

04 Theme III.wma


drew said...

Theme 4 was on Haunted Dancehall and I'm wondering if the Underdog mix which came out on 10" is Theme 2.

Btw, can't get this to play on itunes for some reason.

Swiss Adam said...

Yeah I should've remembered Theme 4 was on haunted dancehall. It's ripped off the cd so I dunno why itunes won't play it.