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Wednesday 3 March 2010

The Lilac Time 'Return To Yesterday'

A lost gem from 1988 this one, having little in common with what else was happening in that year. Stephen Duffy decided being a solo pop star wasn't his cup of tea, so formed The Lilac Time with his brother. They're still around in some form today. I havn't got much else by them but this is a cracking little song, very English sounding. It's got brisk drumming, a lovely melody, crisp and perfectly pronounced vocals, finger picking and folky banjo, and a tune that the milkman can whistle. I'm not really selling this one yet am I? The lyrics seem both nostalgic and rueful, but at the same time the chorus keeps telling us 'No I will not, return to yesterday'. It goes on

'We'll face this new England,
Like we always have,
In a language of denial,
We'll go out dancing on the tiles'

Which seems pretty English to me.

As does complaining about the cutting of rural bus services, as he does in the fourth verse.

I know you probably don't really care what I think about the lyrics, this isn't an English Literature lesson, but this gets into my head and nags at me, and I think Stephen Duffy really nails something here. So come on, even if you normally come for the dancier, more leftfield stuff (as the mediafire download stats tell me), click and download this one. It's a good 'un.

Today's post is dedicated to Mr Michael Foot, the last socialist leader of the Labour Party, who died today aged 96. Keep the red flag flying.


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