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Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Limit

Yargo were a mid-to-late 80s Manchester band who mixed up soul, reggae, funk and general late nightness to a largely indifferent public although when playing live in and around Manchester they often blew the roof off. Singer Basil Clarke has just released this song. I have no idea what he's been doing between Yargo splitting up 20 years ago and today but this single is rather fine in a moody, Massive Attack way, wandering around Manchester's streets in the rain.

Yargo put out an album called Bodybeat (which I think I've posted a song from before). I've also got this single on 12", featuring the vocals of Zoe Griffin and a very 1988 Justin Robertson remix. Apologies for the lowish quality of the rip- it's not the greatest vinyl pressing in the world, more like a flexidisc than actual vinyl and hasn't worn very well despite being played rarely.

The Love Revolution (Justin Robertson's Scream Team Remix)

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Echorich said...

Wow haven't thought about them in a long time! I have Help and The Other Side Of Midnight and always thought they were overlooked once in the busy world of Manc Music. That Justin Robertson Remix is THICK!!